Our location is ideal, just 20 meters below the center of Chora of Amorgos, overlooking the hills and windmills. A short distance from our building is quaint streets of the country with scattered commercial shops, cafes, restaurants and mini-market. The distance of Polytimi’s Studios from the highway is 30 meters.


Polytimi Studios Amorgos

Polytimi Studios Amorgos


The Hotel Politimi Studios consists of seven apartments-rooms for rent (double and triple) three on the ground floor and four on the first floor. All rooms have been decorated and furnished to the island model and the combination of iron and wood furniture and marble you may travel back in time pleasantly.

The island courtyard decorated with stones, jars and old roller mill will offer you moments of relaxation during you stay at Politimi Studios & Apartments.

Δίκλινο δωμάτιο

Double Room

The ground floor apartments, are built with stone from 1866, as proved by the inscription on the entrance stone, found in the old mill. They have a separate entrance, exit to garden and 4-6 meters away from the communal area of trellis.

Τρίκλινο δωμάτιο

Triple Room

The apartments are on the floor, are more recent construction, white walls decorated with traditional frames and elements of the old era. These apartments have a privileged view on the hill with the windmills of Chora of Amorgos.


Hotel Politimi Studios & Apartments operates throughout the year as appartments (rooms for rent monthly).
Our rooms are also available for monthly rental throughout the year.
Also available to Teachers.


Cyclades, Chora Amorgos, 84008, Greece


Tel: +30 2285071542
Mob: +30 6977413733